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If true, this is a form of coupon fraud. We know that Shavon shopped on June 8th, from the screenshot of the register, showing the date:. What we do know is that Lowes Foods coupon policy states:. Recommended reading:. Just say no already! Imagine their displeasure or confusion. Imagine the backlash because of a bad decision. People are watching it if only for the fraud. You know there are going to be plenty of folks who will try to get away with the bad that is shown though surely they will deny that. Thanks for posting this Jill. I enjoyed the read and I am guessing next season will be cancelled..

This really annoys me. These stores had to think of the outcome of people watching the show or those that already shop at their stores questioning why it was allowed and yet they still decided to go along and be on the program.

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They just want publicity to gain customers and not worrying about losing loyal customers. Then the customers they do get will try replicating what was shown and be shot down.

Tim Lowe, President, Lowes Foods

That seems unethical and not only on TLC but whoever was the decision maker to allow the rule breaking at their stores. Thank You Jill, for always telling the truth. Season 2 will likely garner more new couponers who will watch and wonder how they can do it too. Some of the more adventurous will go out and try to replicate these deals.

Then they will scour our local stores, possibly push through some of these fraudulent deals and not even realize it was not ethical. These scenarios add to the bad image that couponers are misusing coupons. Having these revelations made public is a good step towards proper education. The worst part of this story is not the fraud but the aftermath of the fraud. Those of us using coupons know that the restrictions, limits, and coupon values have gotten worse since this show began. What can we expect now? I started couponing a little less than 2 years ago… and I joke around with friends and family saying … I have 2 saviors… Jesus Christ and Jill Cataldo… lol.

I do not agree with the misuse of qs therefore let me make myself clear, I do not use the wrong coupons for a product but…i do want to shop for my family of 6, I do buy my newspapers 6-one for each family member and some of these stores have ridiculously strict and limiting coupon policies! They limit so much and lately every time these shows air, we get more revisions to the policy! What if there was freedom to shop?

Making the Cut: The Art of Couponing

What if these stores are recognizing that their policies are deterring customers and actually lift these terrible restrictions to let people save the maximum amount of money? I know we need some rules but some of these policies are not only outrageous but every time they update their policy it gets worse!! In other words, they may or may not be lying. Why is it okay for a show to lie and cheat publicly to the world but to punish individuals with possible jail time?

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Where is justice here? I am boycotting the show and retailers — I also do not buy the lack of oversight by TLC, Retailers, Brands involved in this show!! Now Kroger ended doubles for Dallas and all of Texas? Most all Kroger stores are limiting coupons severely after promoting the show allowing participants to waive the coupon policy rules.

You can not duplicate the transactions of products with coupons as demonstrated on this show — many of these transactions show unethical couponing — the TLC spokesperson said the show was never meant to teach but only show behavior. Why would Mr. Couponing as we know it is changing and not for the good. Stores Amazon. February 15, October 29, Freebies P. June 14, August 22, Lowes Foods Coupon Policy Mar 9 Posted by deidre 5 Comments.

Lowes Coupon Policy

Simply present your fresh rewards Cash coupon during a future purchase to redeem your fresh rewards. There is no limit to the number of fresh rewards Cash coupons that can be redeemed in a transaction.

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  8. Fresh Reward Cash coupons expire 30 days from the date they are printed for you at the store. Manufacturer Coupon Policy Coupons must be in date. Coupons must match the item s purchased. Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.

    To ensure product availability for all customers, we limit redemption to 4 coupons for 4 of the same item. For example, if you have five coupons for a specific cereal and have purchased five of the item, we will honor the coupon for up to four of the boxes of cereal.

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    All sales taxes are paid by the customer at the full retail value of the item. Coupon value cannot exceed our retail price of the item; no cash back will be awarded. No minimum purchase is required. Any manufacturer coupon that states -Do not double- will not be doubled. A doubled coupon will not be honored if the doubled amount exceeds the retail or sale price of the coupon item.

    Rules for Double Coupons

    No cash back will be awarded. Other Coupon Promotions From time to time, our manufacturer coupon promotions will be enhanced.