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This year will probably lean heavier on the bundle, as the Switch has a decent library of games to choose from. There's rarely a good time to buy the console, given how rarely they're discounted, but the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are your best bet. November is prime time to go PC While console makers fuss over bundles and next-gen plans, PC parts have rarely been better value for money.

In turn, that means gaming PCs are superb value for money, and will be even better during Black Friday.

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The GPU is the most costly component of any gaming PC or laptop, and there's a price war happening between Nvidia, AMD, and er, Nvidia which is muscling out its own series cards with new series Super cards. The end result is that graphics cards are cheaper, and therefore all builds are cheaper too. Couple this pricing trend with the fact manufacturers always slash prices over Black Friday, to make room for next year's models and Here's our guide to all the Black Friday gaming PC deals.

Games prices will vary Ok, the actual games in the Black Friday game deals will be a mixture of amazing discounts and 'meh'. The huge winter blockbusters like Gears 5 and Death Stranding won't get decent price cuts, but are likely to be freely bundled with consoles.

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Notice how we haven't mentioned Nintendo games here: discounts on Switch titles are rare, and not usually implemented by Nintendo, so you're not going to see any cheap Nintendo games unless retailers slash prices. Our guess? The best way to get games will be bundles, so watch out for Black Friday gaming specials. That may seem like a lot of scratch, but the difference in picture quality from regular 4K to OLED is very noticeable. So, whether you're looking to pop your 4K cherry, or upgrade to a sleeker model, it's best to save your money for Black Friday.

Check our guide to the Black Friday TV deals for more. And when Apple makes a move to discount stock, so do other tablet makers like Samsung and Microsoft. Amazon itself always offers steep discounts on Kindle and Kindle Fire too, so if you're in the market for a secondary gaming screen, November is THE time for it.

You'll win bigger if you go for models with larger storage capacities too, so if you think you'll need it, be prepared to stretch your budget a little It's always on for headsets Much like TV tech, audio is often the star of the sales in November. Picking up a Black Friday gaming headset deal is a smart thing to do, as the majority of modern headsets will not only give you years of superior audio, but they will also be compatible with future consoles and PC builds.

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Even if they do lack whatever connection MS and Sony insist on for their next consoles, we've started to see amps and DACs that not only enable you to connect to other devices, but also enhance the sound provided by regular headsets, even adding 7. There's never a bad time to get a headset deal, but Black Friday is certainly the best opportunity to do so. While it's great to get a Black Friday game deal or two, you don't always get the best value for money.

Sometimes retailers will deliberately hike up prices a few weeks before November, only to cut them back to 'normal levels' and insist they're special offers.

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So, how do you know if you're getting an actual decent deal, or if you're just paying normal rates? Here are a few tips. Make a list now You'll already have a good idea of what you want to buy during the Black Friday game deals, so make sure you make a note now.

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Maybe pop it onto an Amazon wishlist, or keep a doc on your PC. There really aren't many saving events in September, so you get a good idea of what the 'average price' is for something. If you have a list of stuff you really want, you'll easily be able to see what the real discount is, come Black Friday, and whether you're getting good value.

Just don't wait until October to do it, or you'll be seeing inflated prices. If you're looking for a Black Friday gaming headset deal, for example, do the research now. Price comparison sites are your friend There are several price comparison sites - like CamelCamelCamel - which will help you see the price history of an item. Give them a quick check before buying something, if you're unsure. But what if other retailers have the same item cheaper? Well, we've got a bunch of price comparison tools, so we actually do all that work for you if you see something in our guides.

Failing that, you can always check your favorite retailers manually, but that takes time. If you like it, get it While we all like to get something at the rock bottom price, sometimes that isn't possible. Often the most popular stuff will sell out in minutes, when you're not even online, and that means you have to get whatever you want for either full-price or less of a discount. One common-sense tip we always give is that if you like what you see, and it's at a historically great price, then you should buy first and regret it later.

Chances are you're actually getting the best deal and, even if you pay a few dollars more, you're guaranteeing you're getting the thing you actually want at a price you're happy with.

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Here are today's best console prices. While we're looking ahead to the Black Friday game deals in , it always pays to look back at the savings from last year. After all, they give you a good idea of what to expect in November, and allow you to pick out the true bargains from the 'actually-not-that-great-I'll-save-my-money-thanks' kinda deals. Below are a list of the best deals from the event - none of them are still available, obviously, but it gives you a good idea of what happened during the blur of Black Friday last November.

Suggest you snap it up right now from Walmart, while stocks last it's already at in-store pickup only. View Deal. It's an essential, so you should stock up now. Game Pass grants you access to s of new Xbox One games, for free, and you can download and play at your leisure. It's Netflix for games, essentially. Available on PS4 and Xbox One. Time to stock up they're already down to in-store pickup only. The MaxQ will do a good job as well. Sennheiser is a big name in audio, and this is a great product.

Well worth buying.

This TV is brilliant for gaming, so you need to buy this right now. The colors are incredible, the response rate is good, and this has Vsync for PC play. The discount only last another couple of days. The newest South Park is better than half price at Argos. Sennheiser Momentum 2. No mic on these, but they're such an incredible price, you can live with that.

It also features 5. This one just jams in some of the best hardware on the market. Anyone taking part in Prime Day needed to be signed up for Amazon Prime, and many people actually just subscribe to the free trial and then quit after the shopping event is over. But is it worth sticking around, or should you save your money? Well, depends how much you enjoy Prime Video, which is the main perk of being a Prime member. You get a fair selection of movies too, and you can often rent the latest releases much cheaper than the standard price.

It isn't as good value as Netflix, in our opinion, but it's probably worth the cost if you're heavily into TV and movies. The other perk of Amazon Prime is free delivery on most items. If you're buying larger PC components like cases, the delivery charges can stack up, so it may be worth holding on to that sub. If you're someone who only occasionally buys from Amazon, it probably isn't worth it. Let's face it, Prime Day is coming back in Unless there's some kind of miraculous turn-around, where Amazon suddenly decides to become a non-profit and give away all their earthly goods, we're going to be pouring money into the site in July The most likely date is July , which is the Monday and Tuesday closest to the middle of the month.

Next year, you'll likely see savings on largely the same kit as this year, only it'll be newer models. Almost certainly.

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Even more IPS panels and 4K-ready monitors? Yes and yes. Better tech, but not quite the latest stuff. Whatever happens, we'll be here to guide you through the madness, and give you a bit of perspective on what's worth buying, and what you should probably leave locked in Amazon's warehouses, gathering dust until the end of time. Or, y'know, Black Friday Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links.


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